This book is about what I know and have learned, as a highly sensitive child, living in a world that is not always ready for it yet.

Highly sensitive means in short, I am very sensitive when I’m with other people. High sensitivity also means that I’m sensitive to things that happen around me.
The environment often find it difficult to understand this and therefore I am not always well understood. This is also recognizable for you?

This book is designed for highly sensitive children and all other children who need an extra helping hand.

The purpose of this book is to remind you that you are good as you are. And help you to keep yourself as close as possible. Who you are and what you feel. And to opt for yourself.

To help you with this, I want to introduce you to someone in this book. Someone who you yourself already know very well! That’s nice, right?

I also tell you about all sorts of useful tips and exercises that you can use. Some are quite mysterious. By this I mean that you might not matter so often heard or read. But perhaps already know something about inside.

And then there is a secret, which you can read. The secret is a special task that you received when you came here on Earth.

You have not just received this assignment. Because this command is very special, just like you …

I hope you enjoy reading!